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An upper-body blasting biceps and more video featuring the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle, Miss Brooklyn T Walker!   In the Brooke Walker Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll see the most incredible and stunning off-season video you’ll ever see….. a massive Brooke, closing in on 170 lbs and huge, while maintaining a rock hard physique with deep cut abs, crushing the weights at PHG-MD.   See the clip description below, and get this amazing new Brooke Clip today and show your support!

Description: Stunning and perfect, even in her offseason, Brooke here weighing in at over 160 lbs, is nothing but lean rock hard muscle! Even with deep cut abs at this size and weight, Brooke shows off her strength and physique like never before with massive muscle posing, heavy gym lifts, and showing the big boys at Powerhouse Gym MD how it’s done!  Get this amazing video today, part 1 of 3 in this epic series of an upper body blast for the ages!

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JAW-DROPPING MUSCLE! 2 New Katie Lee Vids Added at her BIGGEST!

Katie is packing on the mass in this offseason workout at Wild Horse Gym in STL. With biceps nearing 18″ again, this is the time to pick up these amazing new Katie vids! Parts 1 and 2 (of 5) now available in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

It’s a GREAT DAY at HDPhysiques.TV – not 1, but TWO new videos added in the Katie Lee “Peak Power” Clips Studio!   You’ll find the first 2 videos in a smashingly awesome 5 part series of Katie’s biggest and most powerful off-season yet.   Looking huge, strong, and ENORMOUS, with biceps nearing the 18″ mark again, these 2 clips set the tone for what’s to come in 2020.   See the 2 clip descriptions below and head over to the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio to get these amazing new videos today!

Description: PART 1 of 5 – in 4K High Resolution Video! This is what y’all been waiting for! We posted a preview of this shoot when we shot it in March 2020, and since that preview shot, we’ve gotten TONS of emails and messages begging to see this shoot of Katie at her most massive ever! With the big guns almost hitting 18″, this intense gym shoot at Wild Horse Fitness is simply MIND-BLOWING MUSCLE! If you’re a fan of biceps, chest, triceps, back and delts… this upper body bonanza is a MUST GET. It was a long shoot, so we chopped it up into 5 parts. This is part 1 and it sets the tone early for beautiful bulging muscle. Get it today!

Description: PART 2 of 5 – in 4K High Resolution Video! Katie continues her chest and bi/tri workout and destroys Wild Horse Fitness! Punishing the weights is agenda 1 and she is ready to tear this place apart. Massive muscle like no other…. those biceps are cranking out the reps, building a pump that pushes them to the edge! At just about 18″, Katie draws the looks wherever she goes. But more than just sheer size, it’s the gorgeous shape and peaks that are most impressive. Simply a specimen of female muscle, Katie takes things to another level. It was a long shoot, so we chopped it up into 5 parts. This is part 2 and it continues showcasing the amazing bulging muscles of “024”. Get it today – you won’t be disappointed!

Like seriously….. are these even real? Get the 2 new videos in the Katie Lee Clips Studio today and find out!

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Katie Lee by the Pool Flexing some MASSIVE BICEPS – New Video!

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We’ve got a SUPER new video for you today, folks!   Katie’s big bowling ball biceps (nearly 18″) back in service, and flexing for your pleasure!   The new “Poolside Flex from the Prestige Cup” video has quite the “WOW factor” as you see Katie flexing those legendary massive arms.  You’re going to love this one, fellas.  See the clip description below and head to the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Studio to get this thrilling sexy video today!

Description: Katie at her MOST MASSIVE yet! Right before her prep for the 2019 Legions Show, Katie went to Boca Raton to cover the Prestige Cup with HDPhysiques. During this weekend, “024” made lots of HOT, sexy, flexing videos for you, and this is one of them! Lounging poolside before a crazy Florida thunderstorm moved in, Katie decides to flex it up and wow her audience by the pool. We left in Katie’s talking with her fans across the pool, you might like it. She flexes and bounces those boulder biceps over and over and shows off her impressive physique better than ever before – get this HOT ONE today!

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Big massive arms in the Florida sun – get this impressive new clip today in Katie’s Clip Studio – Click here!