Kaitie Hart is Back with NEW Leg Day Video – Get it TODAY!

SUPREME muscular hammies and calves – Get the new Kaitie Hart video today in the HDPhysiques Studio!

Yo, gang!   We’ve finally got around to posting part 3 of Kaitie Hart’s epic leg day shoot from Golds Gym.  Featured in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, you’ll see that part 3 is perhaps the best yet…. if you’re a fan of super strong sexy legs!    See the clip description below, and head over to the HDPhysiques Studio to pick up this excellent new video!

Description: The LONG awaited Part 3 of Kaitie’s Leg Day at Golds Gym is finally here! If you’re a fan of huge beefy quads, thick powerful calves, and tight hammies and glutes… this is the video for you. Kaitie shows off her perfect form in the gym and some tremendous strength in the process. Squats, hammie curls, lunges and more… everything looks good when it’s Kaitie doing it! Sporting her HD gear, the legs are the focus of today. Get this awesome video today and conclude the 3 part series – ENJOY!

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NEW VID in the HDP Studio – Kaitie Hart Flexing and Measurements!

Get Kaitie Hart’s new measurement video today in the HDP Clips Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV

Hey gang, if you’re in the mood for gorgeous Blonde Muscle…. with some sexy flexing and measurements – then make your way over to the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, and see the latest clip we added featuring sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart.    This one shows her unique personality, as she flexes and takes measurements for the HD cameras.  See the clip description below and get this one today!

Description: One of the most popular models in recent years at HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques, Kaitie Hart, takes a moment in the middle of her HDP photo shoot, to show off her amazing measurements. When she flexes those big biceps, they explode! Her quads are big thick and meaty, and everything is just in perfect proportion. Add this one to your cart to see some hot flexing and measurements today!


New Brooke Walker MEASUREMENTS Video with Kaitie Hart Posing!

Kaitie Hart getting instruction from one of the best in the biz… Brooklyn T. Walker! Get this hot new video today in Brooke’s Studio!

SPECIAL TREAT for you fans of gorgeous blonde female muscle!   Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’re going to see a brand new video of Brooke, joined by HDP/PP sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, in a tremendous video featuring a Brooke to Kaitie Posing lesson, followed by Kaitie taking the measurements of her “literally perfect” role model, Brooke.  See the clip description below and then pick up this amazing new video today!

Description: In stunning 4K picture quality, this video is a MUST GET for fans of ultimate BLONDE female muscle! Brooke is joined by HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques sponsored athlete Kaitie Hart, who has added 20 lbs of mass since HDP first shot with her 2 yrs ago. Kaitie is eager to try Women’s Physique Division in 2020, so who better to help her learn the ins and outs of posing than HDP/PP’s very own, Brooklyn T. Walker! After Brooke gives Kaitie some instruction, we see how impressively developed Kaitie’s new physique has become. Then, Kaitie has to get her “idol worship” in, and take measurements of Brooke, as Brooke, too, has added a lot more mass for 2020! Kaitie finds out right away why Brooke is nicknamed “LP” for “literally perfect”. See the impressive dimensions for yourself by picking up this HOT video today!

Kaitie is wowed by the size of Brooke’s monster quads!

Brooke showing Kaitie how it’s done! Order this video today in the Brooke Walker Clips Studio!


The HDP Studio has been updated w 2 New Clips of the Sensational Kaitie Hart!

Kaitie takes a quick break from legs, to show off that perfectly shaped biceps peak! Get the 2 new Kaitie Hart videos today!

Today HDPhysiques.TV has been updated with 2 tremendous videos of one of Women’s Physique most talented rising stars.   You recently saw her get “promoted” not only from figure to physique, but also from HDPhysiques to PREMIUMPhysiques, and now we have some clip studio entries from some of her off-season gym work, as she built muscle to prepare for her 2020 season in Women’s Physique.   In the HDPhysiques Studio, you’ll see 2 new clips of some recent leg work action that she did prior to our PremiumPhysiques shoot back in February.   See the clip descriptions below, and then head over to the HDP Studio to get these new clips of Kaitie Hart!

Description: If you’re a leg fan, this one is for you! Notice how in the “categories” mentioned… it’s quads and glutes. End of story. LOL That’s right… no messin around with upper body on this one, folks. This is for the leg lovers. Kaitie has worked hard on bringing her legs up to match her killer biceps, and the quaddage growth here will definitely be admired. And of course, her glutes while doing hack squats – you won’t believe it! Rock hard female muscle – that’s what Kaitie is all about. Feminine, strong, and perfect!

Description: Part 2 of Kaitie Hart Hitting Major weights in the gym features MORE of her incredibly powerful legs. Not just quad shape and strength, but her amazing hamstrings get plenty of attention here, too! When you see the weight she’s throwing around, and the shape of that incredible muscle, there’s no doubt she’ll be ready for the 2020 season whenever it gets started. Leg Press seems to be one of her favorites, as well as stiff-leg deadlifts and more. This is a clip that’s a must get for leg lovers. Add the cherry on top… she’s one of the most gorgeous girls of muscle in the game today!

These are definitely some growing big girl legs! Get the 2 new Kaitie Hart clips today in the HDPhysiques studio!