Brooke Walker – NEW VIDEO Available – Part 3 of Leg Day at Wild Horse!

Tremendous abs! Get this incredible new Brooke Walker video today!

It’s TORRY TIME!   Brooklyn Torrance Walker, that is.  An all new video in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio is now available!   Check out the 3rd and final part of her “Ripped & Powerful – Wild Horse 4” series, featuring her leg day at Wild Horse Fitness.  See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 3 of Brooke’s insane leg workout in her 4th Wildhorse Gym Shoot… Brooke brings more intensity than ever to finish her big leg day at Wild Horse. As America’s “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle”, Brooke “Torrance” Walker sets the standard of HOT female muscle videos! She starts with those impressive “leg biceps” (aka – hammies), before moving on to working quads, then abs, and more. In an “early contest shape” mode here, Brooke simply looks sensational. What else can you say – she’s the greatest! Get this new one today and show Brooke some support!

Working those hammies and flexing those triceps at the same time – why u gotta be so perf, Brooke?

Total Physique Posing by Brooke “TorryTime” Walker – you can see every muscle to perfection!

RIPPED Female Muscle – New Dana Shemesh Video in the HDP Studio!

HUGE and Powerful – get the new video of Dana Shemesh in the HDPhysiques Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV!

Hey gang, we had some special requests for our latest model on the members site (Dana Shemesh), to be featured here at HDPhysiques.TV with a download of all the video from that shoot.  So, here you go!   Now available in the HDPhysiuqes Clips Studio here at HDPhysiques.TV, you’ll find our late April  2019 shoot with Israeli Physique Pro, Dana Shemesh.  Get it today – it’s a hot one!

Description: Shot in late April 2019 at St. Louis’ Famous Union Station, the venue of the 2019 STL Pro Show (sponsored by, Womens Physique Pro, and the only Israeli female pro, Dana Shemesh, shows off her hard work in impressive fashion outside by the lake. Her perfect posing and muscle display will be appreciated by all fans of female muscle. Her biceps are huge, quads are deeply cut and ripped, and she of course, has contest shape ripped abs. She ended up in the top 10 in an ultra-competitive lineup, showing you exactly why she is now considered among the best physique women in the world! Get this amazing clip today if you like big, beautiful, ripped muscle girls!

We’ve had special requests for a LONG video of Dana Shemesh – here it is! Get it today in the HDPhysiques Studio!