Claves of STEEL! Massive Calves Queen Steph Koerber with an ALL NEW VIDEO!

Absolutely MASSIVE quads! Get the new Steph Koerber video in her clips studio, TODAY!

Summertime in the Gym!   That’s where Steph is spending her time, continuing to build an Olympia level physique!   In the Steph Koerber – Calves Queen Clips Studio, you’ll find the newest video “Summertime in the Gym – Part 1” and it is a LEG LOVERS delight!  See the clip description below and head to Steph’s page to get the latest!

Description: In stunning 4K Steph K the CALVES QUEEN is back to show you how she’s spending her summer! And to no surprise…. it’s spent continuing to refine her tremendously powerful and awesome physique as she aims for an Olympia Qualification. While she continues to make improvements over the entire physique, clearly the leg fans here will no doubt enjoy the further growth and refining of her world class hams and gams. Those quads are huge, and the calves are entirely from another planet!  Show your support and pick up part 1 from the leg goddess today!

You don’t wanna mess with these quads! Get the NEW Steph Koerber video today!

Ready for Some More MEGA-SIZED Calves & Quads!!! New Steph K. Vid Now Available!

NEW CLIP in the Steph K Clips Studio – CRAZY CALVES – look at these monsters! Get this hot new video today!

It’s a great day here at HDPhysiques.TV – leg lovers are gonna absolutely LOVE the newest clip posted in the Steph K – Crazy Calves Clips Studio!   That’s right, Stephanie K is back with another new clip showcasing her incredible leg workout from the Corner Gym in Southern Illinois.   If you enjoy seeing massive legs getting a killer workout in the gym, you’re gonna definitely love the newest clip posted, part 3 of 4 (that’s right…. another one will be coming in a few weeks!).    See the clip description below, and then head over to the Steph K’s Crazy Calves Clips Studio and get this amazing thriller today!

Description: Part 3 and these legs just keep getting MORE MASSIVE and more impressive!!! If you are a fan of gigantic, even ridiculously sized calves, this latest Steph K video is gonna drive you wild! In this clip, you not only see the impressive calves, but also how amazing her quads and hammies are as well. We’re talking serious size here, folks! As she works hammies, you have to wonder how she can even contract them so far given the size of her massive calves getting in the way! And when she gets a quad pump, her quads nearly jump right off of her leg! Deep cuts, and just thick meaty slabs of rock hard muscle. There’s nobody on the market now quite like Steph. This is a world class physique with legs that are truly on another level!  Add this to your collection now!

QUADS so insane – they gotta be from another planet, folks!

Hammies and glutes get plenty of attention in this video too – the ultimate LEG GODDESS – get this one today, folks!

NEW VIDEO Now Available in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio – MASSIVE LEGS!

Taylor’s got the impressive gunz to go along with those massive meatgrinder legs! Get this HOT new video today!

Tremendous new video available now in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio!   The 5th and final installment of her “Dungeon Power” Series, is now available, as Taylor takes you through a grueling workout at the Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis (HDPhysiques headquarters).   See the clip description below, and please purchase the clip to support Taylor as she heads to Jr USA’s and North Americans in an attempt for a pro card!

Description: The SMUCKER is back! Rising star Taylor Smuck and Part 5 of her amazing DUNGEON POWER workout, will leave you speechless like never before. If you’re a fan of gigantic, monster quads, tight glutes and hammies, and peak poppin’ biceps, then this is a clip you’re gonna wanna pick up right away! Just look at the screenshots – the amount of muscle this 5’4″ mass monster carries is ultra-impressive, and she flexes to please! As one of the top rising stars in Women’s Physique, we are excited to see what the 2020 season has in store for Taylor. Get this video NOW to show her your support!

Dungeon Power! New Taylor Smuck Video Added in Her Studio!

HUGE, powerful quads. Is there anything sexier? Get the new Taylor Smuck video today in her Clips Studio – click here!

Available now in the Taylor Smuck Clips Studio, a brand new clip from Taylor’s late 2019 workout in “The Dungeon” in St. Louis!   Part 4 is perhaps the best one yet, featuring Taylor’s “moneymakers” – those enormous beefy legs, from both the front and back.   That’s right… Taylor does some quad work, then switches gears to train hamstrings, and then flexes EVERYTHING from the front and back.  This is one of thickets and most densely muscled physiques since 2013 Shannon Courtney!   See the clip description below and then head to the Taylor Smuck Studio to get this latest video today!

Description: Part 4 of Taylor’s “Dungeon Power” Series is a red hot smoking video, folks! Taylor is known for her massive quads… aka her “Moneymakers”… and in this clip, they get some special treatment! She also gives the camera some impressive biceps flexing time, as well as smashing some sets of hamstring curls, showing off those amazing hammies, calves, and glutes! This may very well be the best Taylor video yet – good luck picking your jaw up off the floor after seeing this rock hard physique!

In a video that mostly features those huge legs, Taylor mixes in plenty of HOT biceps posing too! Get this hot video today by clicking here!

C-Mo & Friends – New Video of Mind-blowing Muscle!

Beautiful smile with a big flex! C-Mo and Lynette tear up the Dungeon Gym! Get this awesome video now!

In the Christine Moyer Clips Studio, you’ll see the newest video, Christines Day at the Dungeon With Friends 2.   With guest star Lynette Audrey, Christine blasts her huge quads, calves, and biceps.  See the clip description below, and head over to the Christine Moyer Clips Studio to get this latest clip and show your support!

Description: In Part 2, joining big C-MO this time, is Lynette Audrey and her tall, super-strong physique! Shot at the Dungeon gym, these girls are ready to train some hardcore muscle. If you are a fan of legs ripping thru leggings, you’ll see that C-Mo’s are about to pop! They cannot contain her huge quads and meaty calves. Just take a look at the vidcap – it speaks for itself! Lyneette has put on a ton of size since turning pro, and you’ll see that in her tremendously developed physique here. Just some good friends enjoying their afternoon in the gym – what more can you ask for? Support these hotties today by picking up this clip!

Guest star Lynette Audrey, flexing her big wide back!  Get this hot new video today in the Christine Moyer Clips Studio – Click here!

Jordan Hartsell has HUGE Sexy Legs – NEW Video Now Available!

Absolutely awesome calves, hammies, and big powerful quads - get the NEW Jordan Hartsell Clip today!

Absolutely awesome calves, hammies, and big powerful quads – get the NEW Jordan Hartsell Clip today!

BAM!  Massive Legs per your request!  Jordan has been spending her offseason building some big meaty stems!   Check out the NEW VIDEO in the Jordan Hartsell Clips Studio, and show your support today!  See the clip description below!

Description: Outstanding HDPhysiques model Jordan Hartsell is back with a new clip, this time from our recent “Quartet of Muscle” group shoot in St. Louis. Jordan takes this opportunity to CRUSH LEGS at Wildhorse Fitness Gym. Showing off her perfectly shaped quads, calves, hammies, and glutes, Jordan works everything and mixes in plenty of flexing to boot! Plus, because she was feeling extra sweet, she threw in some excellent biceps and upper body posing, too! This clip is one that muscle fans will no doubt enjoy – seeing one of the biggest young gals on the scene today working on her mass building in the offseason… THICK, POWERFUL, MEATY MUSCLE! Get this hot clip today!

Jordan flexes her enormous upper body too!  This new clip is HOT HOT HOT!  Get it today!

Jordan flexes her enormous upper body too! This new clip is HOT HOT HOT! Get it today!

Jamie Pinder CRUSHES LEGS on her Way to the Olympia!

Jamie works her amazing legs and glutes in today's addition to her clips store - part 1 of her Olympia prep.  Get this amazing video of female muscle power today!

Jamie works her amazing legs and glutes in today’s addition to her clips store – part 1 of her Olympia prep. Get this amazing video of female muscle power today!

RIPPED LEGS – Part 1 of Jamie Pinder’s “Road to the Olympia” series is now available.  Check out the amazing leg workout, where Jamie slaughters her incredible meaty gams, in particular those amazing hamstrings and glutes.  Filmed by New England Muscle Media, Jamie in HD quality has never looked better – absolutely ripped and powerful, and she still has a long way to go til the Olympia.  You won’t believe this powerful workout – she is STRONG and gives it her all in the gym – get this HOT video today in the Jamie Pinder Clips Studio!!


HOLY CRAP - look at those HAMSTRINGS - ripped and powerful! - Get Jill's new video today!

HOLY CRAP – look at those HAMSTRINGS – ripped and powerful! – Get Jill’s new video today!

You’re not going to believe this one, folks.  Some of the craziest, nastiest, leg vascularity and ripped, shredded muscle, that you’re EVER going to see!  Calves Queen Jill Diorio is back with another new video.  Jill loves talking to her fans in her videos and that personal touch is nice, getting to know this amazing athlete with some of the best legs on the planet.  In between her 2 shows, she’s in CRAZY ripped contest shape, and shows you part 1 (of 3) of her brutal leg workout…. showing off those huge, cut quads, vascular hamstrings, and monstrous calves.  Get to the Jill Diorio – Calves Galore Clips Studio, and get this mind-blowing muscle video today!

HUGE and ripped QUADS - get Jill's new video today!

HUGE and ripped QUADS – get Jill’s new video today!