Brooke Walker & Guest Quyncee – Chest Day Gym POWER!

Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley is ready to battle Big Brooke on chest day!

A few months ago, Brooklyn Walker was joined by her St. Louis based friend, Quyncee Shockley, for a couple of gym shoots during her stay.  Here is part 1 of their workout videos.  This one is primarily bench press and flys.   Brooke and Quyncee battle it out with huge weights in the gym.  Impressive is one word!   See the clip description below and get this one today to support big Brookie!

Description: It’s CHEST DAY and both girls are putting up some serious weight! Figure competitor Quyncee Shockley joins Torrance Walker in a brutal chest workout, while they are both in a lean offseason shape. Both have outstanding pecs and you’ll see them worked hard in this video. Can the figure competitor keep up with Big Brooke? Get this one today and find out!

Brooke puttin’ up some BIG GIRL weight! Get this impressive chest day video today!

ALL NEW Beefnuggette Major Gym Work Video Added!

Look at those massive shoulders and biceps – get Paige Sandgren’s NEWEST video today – click here for massive muscle!

Big ole Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren is back again with a thrillin’ NEW video in her “Beefnuggette’s Clip Studio“.   You guys are gonna love this one…. she’s in a thick and powerful, but hard, offseason shape.  And she is ready to whoop some ass in the gym.  See the clips description below and show your support for Paige by adding this amazing new video to your collection!

Description: GETTING MASSIVE! The amazing Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren is back with another gym clip from Wild Horse Fitness in Ballwin MO. This time, she is having a blast with Christine Bashara, who is video taping her train legs and biceps. Paige is about to EXPLODE with power! Her biceps and triceps have never been bigger, and she flexes those big powerful quads with the famous “quad flap”. Paige is a savage in the gym, and you’ll love seeing her power in this impressive clip. Show your support to “Nuggy” and get this hot video today! INCLUDES a biceps measurement at the end!

The ultimate powerful muscle girl – get Paige’s new video today!