An ALL NEW Cero Dos Video – EYE POPPIN’ Biceps Out of Control!

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Hey fellas – you’re gonna LOVE the latest video added in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!   This one is sure to be an INSTANT HIT.   Biceps lovers be warned…. these massive guns are out of control, and she flexes with power and grace like never before!   See the clip description below and head over to Katie’s studio to get this one immediately!

Description:   The Goddess of PEAK is back! Filmed on a recent sunny day in beautiful Maryland, good ole Cero Dos Cuattro is ready to show off her PEAKED PERFECTION, and let me tell you folks, those biceps are looking as massive and powerful as ever! Shot in gorgeous 4K picture quality in bright outdoor lighting, this rock hard physique shines like never before! Those massive softballs that pop up off of her arms must be seen to be believed. Clearly the best shaped arms we’ve ever filmed, and she just seems to get better.  Get this one today and show Katie your support!

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Brooke’s Follow up to “Large and In Charge!” – All NEW Video Now Available!

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At her hugest most massive offseason size ever, Brooke still maintains deep cut abs and ripped quads and vascular biceps….. leaner than most girls nearing contest shape.   See the clip description below and head over to the Brooke Walker Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio today to show your support to the Olympia who gets on stage this coming Friday to show off her latest masterpiece physique!

Description:   Wait a minute – is this offseason or prep season? Brooke looks SO ROCK HARD even in her so-called offseason, that she’s still leaner than many other competitors who are nearing show time. Shot in the summer of 2023 before her Olympia Prep, Brooke is at her most massive size of all time and hits the Superman Gym in Shreveport to get a MASSIVE pump and show off her incredible physique. Tons of hot posing, serious vascularity, and gigantic rock hard muscle will leave you jaw-dropped at this one, folks!  Put it in your shopping cart right away!

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Cero Dos is Gettin’ JAKKED Again! More Upper Body Work in Katie Lee’s Studio!

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Now available in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio – we’ve got the next video in the series “Katie’s Upper Body Pump at PHG” Series, presented in 4K video, of course!   See the clip description below and head over to Katie’s studio to get this great video today!

Description: Back in 4K video again, Cero Dos continues her assault on PHG MD, with her upper body pump series. This time, she works shoulders and back and does plenty of flexing in this relatively short 5:16 video. She’s serious and on a mission in this one. As she builds back to her pre-2021 size, she focuses on form and technique and you can tell when she gets those muscles pumping, she loves to flex and show them off! As you can see… those 20″ guns aren’t far away now. Get this one today to show your support for Cero Dos!

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NEW Video in the Brooke Walker Studio – Offseason Pump at the Dungeon 3!

Brooke’s thick meaty back is one of the many reasons we call her “literally perfect” – get the hot new video today!

Hey there HD fellas!   NEW VIDEO today in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio.   Part 3 is FINALLY here and it features Brooke in her best offseason ever…. still lean and hard as a rock, while building big, quality muscle!   See the clip description below, and pick up this amazing video today to show Brooke your support!

Description: In stunning 4K resolution, we’ve got Part 3 of Brooke’s impressive “Offseason Pump at the Dungeon” Part 3, where she’s got those muscles literally popping off of her frame! These biceps and quads are bouncing like never before, as Big Torr takes you through her back and leg routine. With plenty of full body flexing mixed in in between, this video is a perfect example of how stunningly beautiful a muscle girl giving it her all in the gym can truly be! The crisp 4K quality video does justice to her massively muscled physique, and every detail and muscle fiber is preserved. Grab this one today by clicking Add to Cart!

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NEW Brooke Video – The 3rd Part of the “Harkrider Hottie” Series is Now Available!

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Hey fellas – guess what!  We’ve got a HOT new video in the Brooklyn Torrance Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio today.   The long-awaited release of the 3rd part of the “Harkrider Hottie” series is now available and it is HOT!   Brooke is just exploding with muscle.  Sexy biceps, powerful legs, and gorgeous looks – she’s simply the best.   See the clip description below and get this hot video today!

Description: The 3rd and final part in the “Harkrider Hottie” series, features Brooklyn in stunning 4K video and in near contest shape, with tremendous vascularity and ripped sexy muscle! It’s now LEG DAY, and Brooke takes you through several exercises showing off her quads, glutes, and hamstrings. However, when it’s time to pose, she focuses even more on upper body, showcasing that tremendous vascularity she has going on in those stunning biceps! You just can’t beat Brooke when she’s in this kind of shape. Lots of muscle… plenty of size, perfectly balanced physique, with gorgeous looks and great smile. The Harkrider Hottie – get this hot one today!

HUGE Shoulders and biceps – Brooke has it all! Get her new video today and show your support!

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The Harkrider Hottie Returns in a FABULOUS Hot Sexy Muscle Video!

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Brooklyn T. Walker, the “Harkrider Hottie” is back again with a new video entitled “Brooklyn – the Harkrider Hottie 2” in her clips studio….. the “Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger” Clips Studio!   This new clip is absolutely fantastic, and features Brooke in a pleasant “hard offseason” look, with plenty of muscle size combined with freaky upper body vascularity.   Take a look at the sample images, and then head to Brooke’s Studio to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Featured in STUNNING 4K video, the Harkrider Hottie is back! In part 2 of this epic leg day and more shoot, Brooklyn takes you on a fabulous journey of tremendous leg power, followed by huge upper body vascular muscle posing! Sporting her favorite HDPhysiques top, Brooke flexes and pours on the sex appeal like never before. Those big beefy biceps, with huge capped delts, thick back and triceps, just pop like no other. And then, since it’s leg day, there’s plenty of proper quads and calves posing as well. It doesn’t get much better than Brookie in 4K video – get this one today!

Wearing her most fabulous top, Brooke trains hard and flexes for you in this fabulous new clip!

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Tremendous NEW Katie Lee Video Now Available – Enormous Biceps & More!

Arms that huge can only mean ONE thing – NEW Katie Lee Video now available in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

Looking as MASSIVE and STRONG as ever, Katie “024” Lee, presents part 5 (of 5) from her 2020 Wild Horse Workout during the pandemic.   Check out the clip description below, and head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio” to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 5 of 5! Presented in 4K resolution, Katie’s final installment of her HUGE offseason workout at Wildhorse during the Pandemic must be seen by all fans of female muscle! Perhaps she saved the best for last for this clip in the series… those arms are popping HUGE, in addition to showing off her tremendous back, chest, and delts. Yes, she shows off some strength in the gym, but the main attraction here is her posing of that massive physique. We got some killer close-ups of those massive biceps… so huge your eyes will pop out of your head! Pop this one into your shopping cart right now and enjoy!

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CLASSIC HDPhysiques – Dee Harvick Compilation from Miami Beach!

Dee Harvick in her prime – one of the hottest HDP models ever! Get this hot beach compilation now – click here!

One of the hottest muscular sensation from the 2000’s, Dee Harvick, was a special bodybuilder, and would’ve made a great Women’s Physique competitor, had that class been around when she competed.  During the earlier days of HDPhysiques (2006-2009), we shot with her several times, and this compilation from her last shoot with us in November 2009, was a special one to remember.  See the new video description below, and head to the HDPhysiques Clips Studio to add this one to your collection today!

Description: The sensational Light heavyweight bodybuilder, Dee Harvick, from her last show – 2009 at Nationals in Miami! This beach shoot is beyond sexy, as Dee, one of the hottest competitors of the late 2000’s, poses her sexy physique like never before. This compilation from Miami Beach shows off Dee at her finest – amazing abs, lucious legs, glorious glutes, and bouncing biceps! Get this today and enjoy some classic HDPhysiques!

Mega ripped and ultra-sexy – it doesn’t get any hotter than this HD classic! Get the new Dee Harvick compilation now!