Tremendous NEW Katie Lee Video Now Available – Enormous Biceps & More!

Arms that huge can only mean ONE thing – NEW Katie Lee Video now available in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

Looking as MASSIVE and STRONG as ever, Katie “024” Lee, presents part 5 (of 5) from her 2020 Wild Horse Workout during the pandemic.   Check out the clip description below, and head over to the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio” to get this amazing new video today!

Description: Part 5 of 5! Presented in 4K resolution, Katie’s final installment of her HUGE offseason workout at Wildhorse during the Pandemic must be seen by all fans of female muscle! Perhaps she saved the best for last for this clip in the series… those arms are popping HUGE, in addition to showing off her tremendous back, chest, and delts. Yes, she shows off some strength in the gym, but the main attraction here is her posing of that massive physique. We got some killer close-ups of those massive biceps… so huge your eyes will pop out of your head! Pop this one into your shopping cart right now and enjoy!

Those softball sized chunks of granite for biceps – there’s nothing better! Get the new 024 video today in her Peak Power Clips Studio!

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CLASSIC HDPhysiques – Dee Harvick Compilation from Miami Beach!

Dee Harvick in her prime – one of the hottest HDP models ever! Get this hot beach compilation now – click here!

One of the hottest muscular sensation from the 2000’s, Dee Harvick, was a special bodybuilder, and would’ve made a great Women’s Physique competitor, had that class been around when she competed.  During the earlier days of HDPhysiques (2006-2009), we shot with her several times, and this compilation from her last shoot with us in November 2009, was a special one to remember.  See the new video description below, and head to the HDPhysiques Clips Studio to add this one to your collection today!

Description: The sensational Light heavyweight bodybuilder, Dee Harvick, from her last show – 2009 at Nationals in Miami! This beach shoot is beyond sexy, as Dee, one of the hottest competitors of the late 2000’s, poses her sexy physique like never before. This compilation from Miami Beach shows off Dee at her finest – amazing abs, lucious legs, glorious glutes, and bouncing biceps! Get this today and enjoy some classic HDPhysiques!

Mega ripped and ultra-sexy – it doesn’t get any hotter than this HD classic! Get the new Dee Harvick compilation now!