Carli Terepka – NEW VIDEO – Wild Dungeon Blast 3 Now Available!

Lynette playfully showing off that nice triceps and delts in the mirror. Get this hot new video today for only $5.99! Click here!

Hey gang, check it out!  The highly popular “Wild Dungeon Blast” Series from Carli Terepka receives its final addition, as part 3 was added today!   Head to the Carli Terepka Clips Studio to see the latest segment of these 3 power-packed ladies (Lynette, Carli, & Christine Moyer) pound the weights at the Dungeon Gym.  See the clip description below, and go pick up the final installment to show your support to Carli!

Description: The 3rd and final part of Carli & Lynette Wild Dungeon Blast is another impressive video of 3 very powerful females (Christine Moyer makes another cameo!). If you like biceps, hammies, glutes, and even triceps, you’re in for a treat with this one! Each of the 3 girls brings a unique look, and they all look terrific as they blast the weights in the Dungeon Gym. Pick this one up to round out your 3-pc collection of Carli and Lynette’s Wild Dungeon Blast!

All 3 ladies looking stunningly strong in the gym – get the new Carli Terepka video today in her Clips Studio – click here!

NEW C-Mo Video – Birthday Special! Massive QUADS and CALVES!

Massive and totally ripped QUADS ripping thru those leggings! Get this hot new C-Mo Clip today and get another video for FREE!

It’s Christine’s birthday today, folks!   Pick up the NEW VIDEO from the Christine Moyer Clips Studio, and we’ll throw in another one for free!   Just email us with your receipt and your requested video.  Special runs the rest of the October!    See the clip description below and head over to Christine’s Clips Studio, and get the amazing new video today!

Description: Some of the best legs on the planet are at it again! This time, in the Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis, C-Mo trains quads, calves, biceps and more, as she nears contest shape in 2019. If you want to see quads popping thru leggings, showing them no mercy at all, then this is the video for you! Having improved biceps and back from previous years, C-Mo is also eager to show off those nicely shaped powerful arms, big meaty back, and more. This is one that fans of gorgeous muscular blondes will want to pick up right away – show your support and get this one!

Those calves will give Jill Diorio a run for her money!  Click here for the new Christine Moyer video in her clips studio – get another vid for FREE!

Christine’s MASSIVE Legs – New Video now available in the C-Mo Studio!

Powerful glutes getting developed - Christine is a monster in the gym! Get this hot new video today!

Powerful glutes getting developed – Christine is a monster in the gym! Get this hot new video today!

Fans of phenomenal calves and quads, check out the latest video added today in the Christine Moyer Clips Studio!  See the video description below and pick up this excellent new clip today from one of America’s prettiest muscle girls!

Description: Christine’s CRAZY legs are at it again! In this workout footage from “The Dungeon” Gym in STL, Christine and Carli Terepka smash the weights with a vengeance. Those world class quads and calves look HUGE. She hits some biceps too and those aren’t too shabby either, measuring out at over 15″. But of course, the highlights are those world class quads and calves. They don’t have enough weight in this gym for powerful Christine! Get this hot video today for one of the prettiest muscle girls in America!