Katie Lee by the Pool Flexing some MASSIVE BICEPS – New Video!

Look at those HUGE delts and biceps – Katie loves flexing – and this new video proves it! Get this hot one today!

We’ve got a SUPER new video for you today, folks!   Katie’s big bowling ball biceps (nearly 18″) back in service, and flexing for your pleasure!   The new “Poolside Flex from the Prestige Cup” video has quite the “WOW factor” as you see Katie flexing those legendary massive arms.  You’re going to love this one, fellas.  See the clip description below and head to the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Studio to get this thrilling sexy video today!

Description: Katie at her MOST MASSIVE yet! Right before her prep for the 2019 Legions Show, Katie went to Boca Raton to cover the Prestige Cup with HDPhysiques. During this weekend, “024” made lots of HOT, sexy, flexing videos for you, and this is one of them! Lounging poolside before a crazy Florida thunderstorm moved in, Katie decides to flex it up and wow her audience by the pool. We left in Katie’s talking with her fans across the pool, you might like it. She flexes and bounces those boulder biceps over and over and shows off her impressive physique better than ever before – get this HOT ONE today!

Massive peaks – perfect shape. Click here to get the new video in the “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Studio!

Big massive arms in the Florida sun – get this impressive new clip today in Katie’s Clip Studio – Click here!

CLASSIC HDPhysiques – Dee Harvick Compilation from Miami Beach!

Dee Harvick in her prime – one of the hottest HDP models ever! Get this hot beach compilation now – click here!

One of the hottest muscular sensation from the 2000’s, Dee Harvick, was a special bodybuilder, and would’ve made a great Women’s Physique competitor, had that class been around when she competed.  During the earlier days of HDPhysiques (2006-2009), we shot with her several times, and this compilation from her last shoot with us in November 2009, was a special one to remember.  See the new video description below, and head to the HDPhysiques Clips Studio to add this one to your collection today!

Description: The sensational Light heavyweight bodybuilder, Dee Harvick, from her last show – 2009 at Nationals in Miami! This beach shoot is beyond sexy, as Dee, one of the hottest competitors of the late 2000’s, poses her sexy physique like never before. This compilation from Miami Beach shows off Dee at her finest – amazing abs, lucious legs, glorious glutes, and bouncing biceps! Get this today and enjoy some classic HDPhysiques!

Mega ripped and ultra-sexy – it doesn’t get any hotter than this HD classic! Get the new Dee Harvick compilation now!

NEW CLIPS of Brooke Walker & Anneth Gunshow added – Get them today!

Click here to go to Annie Gunshow's page and get this hot new video!

Click here to go to Annie Gunshow’s page and get this hot new video!

TWO studios updated today with new clips – first, check out Anneth Gunshow from her training sessions in Conway, AR, under the watchful eye of Brooklyn Torrance Walker.  See the description below:

Description: We all know that Anneth Gunshow is a BEAST in the gym. Here, doing a tune-up just weeks before her 2017 show, Anneth trains quads, then biceps, and looks better than ever, as she’s under the watchful eye of Brooklyn Torrance Walker, at her gym in Conway Arkansas. Annie’s lean triceps, sexy peaked biceps, and big meaty quads, are sure to please. Get this awesome video now!

Then, over in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio,  you’ll see that Brooklyn has released a HOT new video from last year’s Olympia, where she’s flexing her hot and sexy physique outdoors by the pool.  See the description from her page below:

Description: Brooke in a massively muscular offseason shape here, flexes outdoors at the Olympia hotel in Vegas. Showing off a very complete physique, you’ll be amazed at Brooke’s power and perfection. Huge shoulders are probably her most impressive feature, and that’s no different here. Delt dominant has led to her tremendous success in bodybuilding. Simply a gorgeous body, with supermodel looks. What more can be said?

Brooke is especially BIG in her offseason - HOT, HARD female muscle - click here to be taken to the Arkansas Ranger's Clips Studio!

Brooke is especially BIG in her offseason – HOT, HARD female muscle – click here to be taken to the Arkansas Ranger’s Clips Studio!