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You guys are gonna LOVE today’s new video!   Part 3 of the stunning video series of Beefnuggette’s 2022 Sexy Studio shoot!   Wow!!!!  Check this out, fellas.  Contest shape ripped…. and HUGE massive muscles.   This clip has something for everyone…. biceps, quads, calves, back, and a pretty smile!   Head over to the Beefnuggette Clips Studio and get this masterpiece today!

Description: Vascular, ripped, and HUGE! In contest shape, Part 3 of Nuggs’ 2022 Sexy Studio shoot is now here, and this is the HOTTEST clip yet! Just take a look at the screen shots and see for yourself. Truly a magnificent physique… especially if you’re a biceps or quads lover! Plus, if you’re into large, wide, powerful backs, you should see these incredible lumps of steel! Sexy posing of one of the hottest physiques currently aiming for a pro card.  Get the latest Nuggy video today and show your support!

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Katie Lee – 4K Muscle EXPLOSION Part 2 Now Available!

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The mass monster and Queen of Biceps, Katie Lee, is back with a brand new video in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power” Clips Studio!  Part 2 of her epic new 4-part series, “Power Explosion in 4K, from Boca Raton” is now available – see the clips description below and get this sizzler today!

Description: Just when you didn’t think Katie could get any bigger or better!… and once again shot on the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace & Harmony featuring smooth and steady camera work, combined with 4K picture quality, we have what could be a record selling video here, folks! Those biceps are between 17-18″ inches in this video… and even the MOST HARDCORE muscle fans are gonna be shocked at the POWER EXPLOSION of this video. This is another level of female muscle power. Part 2 of her series of 4K Boca Raton muscle videos – GET THIS today – you’ll be glad you did!

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