New Vid in the Krivs Studio Clips Store – Michelle Smith – HOT and Vascular!

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In the hot Florida sun,  the Krivster features model Michelle Smith showing off insane vascularity and a rock hard sexy physique!   See the clip description below and head over to the Krivs Studio Clips Store to get this new video today!

Description: Krivs Studio favorite Michelle Smith in the hot Florida sun. Ripped abs, insane vascularity, power-packed biceps, and gorgeous looks. What is there not to love here, folks! On a hot sunny sweaty day, Ms Smith shows off a world class physique, and Kriv gets in there with close-ups of her beautifully tanned muscles. Rock hard and loves to flex… Michelle wows the Kriv crowd and makes this video a must have!

Capped delts, vascular biceps – Michelle has it all! Get the new Krivs Studio video today!