Emily is Back with a GREAT ArmWrestling Match Against Leah – Get it TODAY!!!

Emily takes on glute goddess Leah in an epic armwrestling battle – get this thrlla today!

Even though she’s known as a Quad Monster, Big E-Nozzie wants to prove her worth at armwrestling for a change, as opposed to pounding the big leg weights in the gym.   Leah shows up and expects that she can go up against the bigger E-Nozzie because of her perfectly shaped biceps peaks.   Well, Emily is determined to show Leah that it takes more than just shapely peaks to win in AW!   The big girl has POWER and SIZE to her advantage.   Let’s see what happens!   Get over to the Emily Nosler Clips Studio and get this AW matchup today!

Description: Leah arrives to take on E-Nozzie, the girl with massive quads, in an epic Arm Wrestling match. Both girls have nicely shaped biceps and strong upper bodies to go along with their hot legs and glutes. Can the big girl hold on and take this one?  Get this one today and find out!

These girls look tremendous doing armwrestling on the mats – ENJOY this hot matchup!