NEW STUDIO ADDED! – Meet Bella The Can Crusher!

Hide the cans! They are not safe around Big Bella! She loves using her strong muscles to crush cans for your pleasure, so take notice! Pick up her new gym workout, posing, and can crushin’ clips in the new Bella The Can Crusher Studio!

Aluminum cans – LOOK OUT!   You’re in trouble if you’re an aluminum can.   Our new muscle model, Bella, is a JAKKED bikini competitor who loves to crush cans in her free time.   In the brand new clips studio, “Bella – The Can Crusher“, you’ll see not only some of her favorite activities like can crushing, but also a wide variety of clips to come, including gym work as you see in the initial 4 clips.   There will be many more styles of clips to come as well.   We also have some photo sets to come and many more surprises that will be sure to please!

Let’s give BELLA a huge HD welcome, and show her some support by picking up her clips today!

She loves to flex and pose too! Get the new Videos in the “Bella the Can Crusher” Clips Studio today!

This bikini pro is JACKED and loves to flex! Get her new videos today in the NEW “Bella the Can Crusher” Clips Studio!