Hailey Delf is back – MASSIVE Offseason Muscle Blast – Over 160 lbs!

Get the NEW VIDEO today from the Hailey Delf - Peak Freak of Figure - Clips Studio!

Get the NEW VIDEO today from the Hailey Delf – Peak Freak of Figure – Clips Studio!

The Peak Freak of Figure, is turning into the Peak freak of Physique, right before our eyes!   Pushing the scales over 160 lbs, the Peak freak Hailey is training hard on her recent trip to STL.   This new clip shows her explosive power and how she’s building a TON of muscle mass – buy her clips from the “Hailey Delf – Peak Freak of Figure” Studio and show her your support – see the description below!

Description: “Over 160 lbs at 5’2” – the Peak Freak is turning into a physique specimen right before our eyes! She’s getting MASSIVE folks. Intentionally taking a big offseason to add tons of muscle, you’ll be amazed at the size young Hailey is putting on. This clip focuses on quads, and of course, those massive biceps! Get this first clip in a series of upcoming massive muscle explosion clips from big Hailey’s power-packed off-season!”


Female City Flex Adds New Video of SIZZLIN’ HOT Rakel Ramos!

Today in the Female City Flex Clips Studio here at, the FemaleMuscleStore – you’ll see a brand new sizzlin’ hot video of the stunningly gorgeous Rakel Ramos. Her physique is ripped to the bone, and her biceps must be seen to be believed – EPIC PEAKS! Not only is it those incredible biceps, but you’ll also appreciate her wide and paper thin skinned back, plus amazing legs, and impressive chest! This lady has got it going on, folks – get this hot video today!