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ANNIE GUNSHOW in 4K & Brand New Katie Lee in CONTEST SHAPE!

Freaking AWESOME update today here at the Female Muscle Store!  First up, as you’ve noticed, we have been producing some killer 4K resolution content lately (Brooke Walker and Jill Diorio for starters), and now, we have the sensational Annie Gunshow in near contest shape.  Shot just a few weeks ago on our trip to visit Brooke, […]


You’re not going to believe this one, folks.  Some of the craziest, nastiest, leg vascularity and ripped, shredded muscle, that you’re EVER going to see!  Calves Queen Jill Diorio is back with another new video.  Jill loves talking to her fans in her videos and that personal touch is nice, getting to know this amazing […]

BRAND NEW – Brooke Walker in STUNNING 4K Resolution!

It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!   The UNBELIEVABLE Brooke Walker now available in stunning 4K resolution!  That’s right…. 4 times the resolution of full HD, seeing Brooke’s outrageously hot physique in 4K will no doubt blow your mind!   She works up quite a sweat in the gym, as she pumps up […]

Katie Lee’s ULTRA BICEPS in 1080p FULL HD

GREAT VIDEO in 1080p of ULTRA-SIZED Katie and her massive arms, nearing 18″ in size here.  This is part 3 of the shoots from the Arnold, where Katie measured her arms at 18″ just the day before arriving in Columbus.  Truly a phenomenal specimen and powerhouse of female muscle!  If you’re a fan of Katie, […]

Alli Schmohl’s MEGA BICEPS – the 16’s Get a Workout!

Alli Schmohl is back again, training with 205-210 lbs “Big Ole Bitch” Chelsea Dion.  This time, Alli and Bob finish their workout with blasting back and biceps…. and they look tremendous in the process!  Get all 3 of these videos, plus more, from the Alli Schmohl & Her Big 16’s Clips Studio today!

Anneth Gunshow – BEAST in Miami!

Anneth Gunshow hits the gym with Katie Lee in Miami, and they don’t waste any time working up a sweat, and flexing those big muscles in the gym.  As Katie operates the camera, Annie pounds out the reps and trains biceps, back, & triceps, looking phenomenal in the process.  Get this video today, folks, and […]

HUGE MEGA RIPPED in 4K Resolution – Jill Diorio!

NEW VIDEO in 4K Resolution – CONTEST SHAPE ripped beyond belief, Jill Diorio and her world famous calves and CALF MEASUREMENTS – Moooo Moooo! Filmed just 2 weeks ago at the St. Louis Pro Show, Jill Diorio achieved some of the leanest and meanest conditioning we’ve ever seen at HDPhysiques! Crazy thin skin and vascularity, ripped and […]