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Katie Lee’s ULTRA BICEPS in 1080p FULL HD

GREAT VIDEO in 1080p of ULTRA-SIZED Katie and her massive arms, nearing 18″ in size here.  This is part 3 of the shoots from the Arnold, where Katie measured her arms at 18″ just the day before arriving in Columbus.  Truly a phenomenal specimen and powerhouse of female muscle!  If you’re a fan of Katie, […]

Alli Schmohl’s MEGA BICEPS – the 16’s Get a Workout!

Alli Schmohl is back again, training with 205-210 lbs “Big Ole Bitch” Chelsea Dion.  This time, Alli and Bob finish their workout with blasting back and biceps…. and they look tremendous in the process!  Get all 3 of these videos, plus more, from the Alli Schmohl & Her Big 16’s Clips Studio today!

Anneth Gunshow – BEAST in Miami!

Anneth Gunshow hits the gym with Katie Lee in Miami, and they don’t waste any time working up a sweat, and flexing those big muscles in the gym.  As Katie operates the camera, Annie pounds out the reps and trains biceps, back, & triceps, looking phenomenal in the process.  Get this video today, folks, and […]

HUGE MEGA RIPPED in 4K Resolution – Jill Diorio!

NEW VIDEO in 4K Resolution – CONTEST SHAPE ripped beyond belief, Jill Diorio and her world famous calves and CALF MEASUREMENTS – Moooo Moooo! Filmed just 2 weeks ago at the St. Louis Pro Show, Jill Diorio achieved some of the leanest and meanest conditioning we’ve ever seen at HDPhysiques! Crazy thin skin and vascularity, ripped and […]

SUPER HOT BICEPS! – New Alli Schmohl Vid Now Available

Hey biceps fans…. check out the “Alli and her Big 16’s” Clips Studio for a brand new video of Alli flexing, posing, and muscle controlling the BIG 16’s!  With gorgeous blonde hair, and a well muscled, proportioned physique, Alli has never looked better, this is definitely a MUST GET for your collection of biceps clips.  Nearly […]

NEW STUDIO ALERT – Claves Queen Jill Diorio!

The Female Muscle Store is proud to release another new clips studio!  Check out the new page of JILL DIORIO – CALVES GALORE….. if you’re a LEG FAN, there is none better, folks!  Some of the craziest legs you’ll ever see.  Impressive in the off-season, and absolutely mind-blowing in the “on-season”!   We’ve got lots […]

NEW PHOTO SETS of a massive and RIPPED Brooke Walker!

Today, in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger, Clips Studio, you’ll find a very special treat.  2 awesome photo sets by esteemed photographer Mark Jesse, documenting Brooke’s transition from small bikini girl in 2013, to massive, ripped physique girl in 2016/2017!   We are talking a phenomenal transition here, folks.  Combined, over 350 high quality […]

NEW Katie Lee – More than just 18’s!

Today in the Katie Lee’s “Peak Power” Clips Studio, you’ll find a BRAND NEW video of Katie flexing her massively muscled physique. Filmed with the HDPhysiques 3-axis 360 Degree gimbal, this video represents the highest possible quality in production value! And when combined with Katie’s outrageously HUGE physique, that’s a recipe for another incredible video! […]