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Measurements! See the true size of Beefnuggette!

‘Nuggs is back, folks, and ready to show you how these MASSIVE Beefnuggette MUSCLES measure up!   You won’t believe the mind-blowing muscle possessed by this young physical specimen.  Powerful quads, impressive calves, thick meaty chest, and of course…. those outrageous biceps!  Katie Lee remains the biggest…. but Nuggs will be pushin her hard in 2018!  […]

PEAK FREAK Hailey Delf is back with a NEW Video!

The excellent “Peak Freak of Figure”, Hailey Delf, is back with a new video in her “Peak Freak of Figure Clips Studio“.  Check out the clip description below and get this new video to support Hailey as she preps for “possibly” switching to physique in 2018! Clip Description: The Peak Freak of Figure is turning into […]

NEW Shannon Courtney 2016 Studio Shoot Video Now Available!

From our amazing photoshoot with Shannon Courtney in 2016 (3 years after her last competition), here is a video featuring Shannon posing and flexing during our shoot. While not as big as her prime bodybuilding days, Shannon is still quite muscular, with looks that are second to none. Get it today in the Shannon Courtney […]

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from HDPTV with 2 NEW BEEFNUGGETTE Videos!

BEEFNUGGETTE is BACK!   The biggest monster muscle beast of 2017 unveils 2 new clips in her BEEFNUGGETTE Clips Studio and she is lean and ripped with excellent vascularity.  Her chest is among the best we’ve filmed at HDPhysiques…. and her biceps, delts, and back…. just HUGE!   If you enjoyed her first 5 videos, you’ll definitely love […]

NEW – SEXY Brooke Walker in Bikini – HOT MUSCLE VIDEO!

Time to warm things up on this first day of winter!   And Brooklyn T. Walker with a Poolside Flex will sure take care of that.  Now available in the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio, you’ll see Brooke in a nice long video flexing her fabulous physique in “near contest shape” conditioning.  Simply amazing, […]

2 ALL NEW Autumn Swansen Powerful Gym Clips Now Available!

The Midwest’s Muscle Cutie, Autumn Swansen, is back with 2 brand new clips from her Olympia Prep!   These 2 clips are entitled “Fierce Gym Work”…. because that’s exactly what it is.  Rarely will you ever see workouts with this kind of intensity.  Autumn is on a mission to be the best in the world.  Many […]

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT #2 – New Studio for BEEFNUGGETTE Paige Sandgren!

Massive Muscle is the story today, folks! If you enjoyed Hailey Delf’s Peak Freak Studio which launched Friday evening, you’ll also be sure to LOVE the incredible new Clips Studio for newly signed HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren!   Just like Hailey’s studio, Beefnuggette’s new studio launches with 5 mind-blowing clips.  As one of the […]